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Faculty of Law Universiti Teknologi MARA (Collaborator)

The Faculty of Law (formerly known as the School of Administration and Law) was founded in 1968. It began as a center offering British external programmes, namely the LL.B (London-External) and the Chartered Institute of Secretaries (now Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators). The only internal programme offered then was the Diploma in Public Administration and Local Government.

In 1978 the LL.B (London-External) programme was discontinued and replaced by the current LL.B programme. The LL.B programme is a three-year academic degree course based on the structure of British Universities undergraduate law programmes. Unlike most of the British programmes however, the LL.B programme at the faculty is conducted on a semester system. The LL.B programme, however, has been replaced with the Bachelor of Legal Studies (Hons), which was introduced in 2002. In 1982 the Faculty introduced a one-year LL.B (Hons) programme whereby graduates of the L.LB programme could advance their studies. The LL.B (Hons) programme is a simulatory programme designed to provide professional training for students in preparation for their career in the legal practice as Advocates and Solicitors.

The delivery of the curriculum for this course adopts the method and strategy of simulated or experiential learning. The unique experience it provides to students in their legal training has led this programme to be widely recognized and accepted among the Malaysian legal fraternity.

The Faculty of Law enjoys strong affiliations with the legal fraternity, namely, the Malaysian Bar, the Attorney General Chambers and the Judicial and Legal Service. It takes pride in continuously developing pioneer options in its degree programmes, both at the academic and professional levels. The Faculty currently comprises some 100 academic staff. It has about 1144 students reading for the Law Foundation, BLS (Hons), LL.B and LLB (Hons) and Postgradute programmes (Phd. and LL.M Programmes)


Thomas Philip Advocates & Solicitors (Collaborator)


Is a law firm founded by Mr. Mathew Thomas Philip in 2004. The firm specializes in civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and mediation. The firm employs lawyers who have a passion for dispute and conflict resolution.

They pride themselves on their excellence in advocacy and trial skills, whilst recognizing the importance of solutions that preserve relationships and serve the parties’ long-term interests.

They excel in high-pressure, intellectually challenging environments, and have the courage to represent their clients in difficult cases, advocating unpopular positions with integrity.

UiTM Mooting Club (Collaborator)


UiTM Mooting Club was established in the year 2007. It is a heritage of excellence that has produced some of the brightest legal minds in the Malaysian legal fraternity.

Asian International Arbitration Centre (Venue Sponsor)

Backed by 40 years of experience providing local solutions and cross-continental resolutions, the Centre has positioned itself to embark on a journey focused on shaping the global system of conflict resolution. Drawing from the Centre’s international presence, the Centre takes on a new face, rebranding itself to the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC), pioneering and spearheading efforts to deliver the future.

As the industry steps into a new age of conflict resolution, we remain steadfast to our ongoing commitment to the global ADR ecosystem and the stakeholders we serve. From our humble inception under the auspices of AALCO over four decades ago, we have since evolved into a multi-purpose hub for the ADR community – pioneering initiatives such as the Standard For, Contracts for the construction industry, and spearheading transformation within the areas of sports and Islamic arbitration.

This rebranding is a milestone which signifies a new era of expansion for us in our continuous effort to provide the best possible services and innovation solutions, from Asia for the world. With a firm footing in the past, the AIAC is ready to expand and become a global hub for dispute resolution and dispute – standing out to be a catalyst of innovation, capacity building and holistic alternative dispute management for the industry.

Syahrul & Hamidi (Platinum Sponsor

Established in 2013, Messrs Syahrul & Hamidi is a firm of passionate and aspiring young lawyers from the diversified backgrounds of Attorney-General Chambers, Central Bank of Malaysia and private practice.

Throughout its active presence in the legal industry, the Firm had the opportunity to account vast experience in legal practice from its 4 partners and their team of lawyers. They had explored and provided legal services in dispute resolutions both in criminal and civil litigation, conveyancing, corporate and company affairs, regulatory and compliance, as well as non-contentious matters.

The Firm is able to do so without discounting good and quality services and excellent commitment in providing a client-friendly platform.

J. Lee & Associates (Bronze Sponsor)

J. Lee & Associates is a leading law firm offering a wide range of services in conveyancing, corporate matter, Islamic finance, litigation, medico legal and Shariah matters


Petron Majudani Synergy (Bronze Sponsor)



Majudani Synergy is a service and petrol station situated in Jalan Meru 3, Klang, operating under Petron Corporation Malaysia

Kifl’s Foods & Beverages Sdn Bhd (Bronze Sponsor)

Kifl’s is a Malaysian F&B company, with the aim of strengthening locally-inventing Malaysian F&B products in terms of taste and quality to be at par with international brands


Hot Wings (Bronze Sponsor)

Introducing Hot Wings: the all-new revolution fast food perfect for those who place great importance on nutrition and quality in what they eat



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